Polyethylene PE injection molding process

PE is a crystalline raw material, and its hygroscopicity is extremely small, not exceeding 0.01%, so no drying treatment is required before processing. The PE molecular link chain has good flexibility, small inter-bonding force, low melt viscosity, and excellent fluidity, so thin-walled long-flow -----!

Optimize and customize Photoshop preset options (2)

(This article is an original article of Bisheng.com and it is forbidden to reprint, and reprinting will be investigated!) Author: Zhuge Liang is not Second, file processing Figure 4 This page is all about file processing, as shown in the figure above, the dialog box processing includes how to -----!

Exclude one example of "bar" of four-color ma…

When I just bought a Shanghai Gaussian four-color machine for more than 1 month, "bars" appeared on the printed products. This "bar" is not a horizontal bar (parallel to the axis of the drum) but several vertical bars. Regularly throughout the surface of the printed product. Be-----!

Digital remake of photographic film

In today's digital era, most digital enthusiasts want to convert analog to digital. There are many photography enthusiasts. Whether they have a digital camera first or a traditional camera first, they have some film in their hands. In addition to the expensive investment of film scanning, what-----!

EPDM plastic track professional basic knowledge

product description: The EPDM plastic track is not a standard type of plastic runway, but is a non-standard plastic runway mainly used for elementary schools or kindergartens. Usually the cost of EPDM plastic track is lower than that of other plastic track, acrylic basketball court, silico-----!

New Year's gift - love candy photo frame

Handmade materials: cardboard, love candy, paper clips, glue guns Top and Base Jewelry Box is the kind of jewelry box consists of two parts: the cap and the base box. This kind of jewelry box is classic style, customers can easily open it and show the jewelry in-----!

Butterfly coloring chart

Beautiful butterfly coloring chart In this category there are all kinds of Face Brushes for applying facial makeup,like Foundation Brushes, Concealer Brushes, Contour Brushes, Bronzer Brushes , Powder Brushes , Highlighter Brushes, Lip Brushes and other face -----!