Zhejiang Hangzhou Rock Wall Route Introduction

First, the top rock wall Located in the South Peak of the “Twin Peaks in the West Lake” Line 1: The difficulty is 5.9, and there are 5 pieces of hanging pieces required for autumn leaves to hang. Line 2: difficulty 5.11C, no name for a total of 5 hanging pieces need 6 fast hanging; -----!

Printing System Makes High Quality Images (1)

This article is boring, but extremely classic and professional! Provided to designers who are looking for excellence in their pictures to learn. The print image requirement is the F1 equation of all the picture output! This law applies to picture processing professionals. At present, most printin-----!

New Theory of Green Thinking in Product Design

Abstract: Green design is a hot issue in the study of modern design technology in recent years, and more and more green products have emerged in the market. However, the true meaning of green is not very clear. This article makes a concrete analysis of the meaning and content of the green design t-----!