Traditional printing and digital ensemble "assembl…

Printing is an important part of the publishing industry, and printing equipment and technology occupy a very important position in the publishing industry. Recently, the first China International Press and Publication Technology and Equipment Expo with the theme of “New Media, New Technology -----!

Taiwanese Daren Li Yufen shares her whiteness

  Li Yufen is known as Xiao Xu Ruoyi, with round big eyes, pink toned lips, and flawless skin. He is now the house goddess of Taiwan. Of course, her skin care should not be underestimated. Now she will share the whitening beauty that every girl can talk about. Of course, the goddess seal is not a-----!

Talk about technology and high-end bottle packaging

For the bottle manufacturers, in recent years, with the rapid development of liquor, wine and other markets, the wine bottle packaging market has undergone great changes, and the traditional bottle market structure has also changed. In the early days, mainly white wine bottles were mainly used fo-----!

Don't let home decoration become a "stealth ki…

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] In recent years, people's environmental protection has been continuously improved, and the green decoration in the home improvement building materials industry is a hot spot for corporate hype. In fact, many consumers do not understand the concept of g-----!