Hongbaolai Ice Cream Package Design (3)

Stretch wrapping machines ensure your loads (pallets) are properly wrapped with stretch film and safety shipped, reducing shipping damage in the supply chain. We are professional supplier for stretch wrappers. Including turntable Pallet Wrapper , Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper, horizont-----!

Five factors for the color change of screen printing

The setting of ink-knife You will be surprised to find that many screen printers do not understand that the setting of the ink-removing knife will have a major impact on the amount of ink deposited. The role of the ink-return knife is to fill the screen holes with a stable amount of ink. Adjustin-----!

The key technology of ink jet printing: ink formula

In digital inkjet printing, the high-speed jet of ink is a decisive factor that determines whether the textile matrix can be successfully printed. The ink must be formulated carefully so that the physical and chemical characteristics of the ink used meet the best process parameters, ensuring an e-----!

Krause Raptor CTP

This platform type full automatic CTP with Claus "Juwel optical system", high image quality, optional high resolution 2540dpi, suitable for newspaper and commercial printing; plate speed 90 ~ 120 plates/hour, large capacity version Car, can hold 300 plates. Now we talk about the wearin-----!

Stamping Materials and Their Selection (3)

(5) Electrochemical aluminum foil processing in hot stamping process. Electrochemical aluminum foil varieties, manufacturing process, batch, performance vary, in addition to the correct selection should also pay attention to the processing of processing. Because the stamping materials are generall-----!