21st Century Green Packaging World

New Packaging Trend: Emerging "Green Revolution"
The world revolution in science and technology has not only brought about rapid development for social productivity, but also created tremendous material wealth for humanity. At the same time, it h

China's glass container industry (in)

Fourth, we began to pay attention to product structure adjustment, but the pace is still relatively slow Product structure adjustment mainly relies on several factors: market demand, technological progress, business philosophy and so on. In recent years, during th

Learn to use GRIGRI correctly

Translated: Climbing Tech Tips 203 Author: Dave Pegg compile: Zhang Qing

I have had a very thrilling experience. At the height of 18 meters, I climbed off and fell without direct braking protection. My protector used GRIGRI but when I fell off, he clenched GRIGRI due to panic, ma

The future of gravure printing (3)

——Gravure Plate Engraving Machine:
At the beginning of the introduction of gravure printing lines, plate making is also an indispensable part of gravure printing. Gravure printing plates are different from offset printing and flexo printing. At

United States: Cosmetics Label

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has over 50 years of management of cosmetics, and there are places where I can learn.
According to information, cosmetics sold in the U.S. market, whether produced domestically or imported, must comply with the Federa

China's "Macro" roller advances northeast

On September 12, 2003, the Shenyang area of ​​the Northeast Shandong branch made a user return visit to Ge Shiping, director of the three facilities of China Railway 19th Bureau. When asked about the use of a Zoomlion YZ25 roller in the northeast, wh