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Generally, we choose the standard for hiking shoes or boots to be comfortable, durable, and can effectively protect the feet and ankles from harm. Mountaineering boots can be roughly divided into four categories. Each type of boots is designed according to different conditions of the mountain a

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The two tents were studied today, and experts from the US backcountry were also consulted. As these tents, there is a high occupancy rate in the North American market. It can be said that the occupancy rate in North America is even higher. In North America, more people choose treango 2 Thi

Screen printing 1000 questions (115-129)

â–¼115. Is there a screen-free version that can be dried, can it be coated with sensitized adhesive, and is it film-coated?
Wet screen version can not be immediately coated with sensitized adhesive, nor can it be sensitized immediately. The reason is t

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The climbing rope is also called the rope of life. It is the most important equipment in mountain climbing both historically and today. Various climbing techniques such as ascent, descent, and protection are centered around climbing ropes. Numerous mountaineering equipment such as iron loc