Experts describe packaging printing technology

Packaging printing is a branch of printing technology and belongs to the category of special printing. Packaging printing is a printing method and post-press processing technology that are used for the main purpose of beautifying, recognizing and propagating go

The suitability of printed products

More than a single print. The requirements for the use of paper should be not easy to stretch, and the ink used should not fade easily. Because it is often hung in the hall and exposed to the sun, it is best to protect it with a layer of PP or OPP

On Green Packaging Materials (2)

1.2.2 cellulose-based biodegradable plastics

Natural polymer cellulose, like starch, is a non-thermoplastic material and cannot be processed by conventional processing methods. Its application must also be modified to destroy the hydrogen bonds of cellu

GretagMacbeth QUICKDens Density

QUICKDens contains basic CMYK functions. QUICKDens 100 measures density and gray balance; QUICKDens 200 measures density, gray balance dot gain, dot area. QUICKDens achieves automatic measurement and automatic color block type identification using low-power LED li

Inkjet Computer Direct Plate Making

In recent years, there has been an upsurge in the use of direct plate printing (CTP) in the printing industry. This is another printing revolution since the printing technology revolution triggered by laser illumination. Now, CTP technology has been recognized

Idee+Form Launches Sporty "gas-tight" Screw Cap

The new bottle caps have brought new opportunities for beverage manufacturing. Idee+Form has launched a “gas-tight” screw cap specifically designed for sports carbonated beverages. Even in the aseptic cold filling process, there is no unnecessary press