Krause Raptor CTP

This platform type full automatic CTP with Claus "Juwel optical system", high image quality, optional high resolution 2540dpi, suitable for newspaper and commercial printing; plate speed 90 ~ 120 plates/hour, large capacity version Car, can hold 300 plat

Stamping Materials and Their Selection (3)

(5) Electrochemical aluminum foil processing in hot stamping process. Electrochemical aluminum foil varieties, manufacturing process, batch, performance vary, in addition to the correct selection should also pay attention to the processing of processing. Becaus

Safeway Treasure Soft Bag

This package is printed on digital photosensitive resin plates. The entire package uses precise four-color group color registration, the color level transition natural, also has a shadow effect. The panel pattern of the package is printed in a multi-colored gro