About Quality Control in Offset (I)

One: Quality Control of Printed Products in Offset Printing

Simply speaking, the printing process is the process of copying the original textual information on the substrate surface. In this regard, to evaluate the quality of printed ma

Color printing overprint accuracy

Color platemaking is a process of color decomposition, and color printing is a process of combination of colors. This color combination process is called overprinting. One of the most important quality requirements for color printing is that the overprinting is

Japan made food paper from bean curd residue

A Japanese packaging company made use of bean curd, a by-product of the production of bean products such as tofu, to make a paper that is soluble in water.

The edible paper is decomposed by adding lipase and protease to the soybean curd residue, and th

Pursuit of high quality silk screen (on)

The pursuit of high quality screen printing, as screen printing workers, should first have the right quality concept. Second, there should be good work habits, such as the working environment should be kept clean, all appliances should be better maintained. If