Offset Printing How to Print Whiteboard Paper

Packing, decorating and printing products such as cigarette packs, wine boxes and food boxes are often printed with white paper and card paper of 250-400 g/m2. The maximum paper thickness that an offset press can print is 0.9 mm, but generally Under the circums

Drink up design - snacks that can be "drinking"

The “Panpan Wheat Department” product is produced by Shenyang Jinjiang Fuyuan Food Co., Ltd. The packaging adopts the three-side seal form of inflatable plastic bag. The difference is that the top of the bag uses an italic edge seal to make the pack

Screen printing

With the advancement of science and technology and the growth of various specialization needs, the unprecedented development of screen printing technology has penetrated into every area of ​​people's production and life, thus forming a huge ma