Use of mahogany in daily life

The feeling of mentioning "redwood" is expensive, and the second is old. But there are still more and more people who would rather spend a lot of money to buy mahogany furniture, which is the health and chemical pollution of mahogany.

However, it is e

Fireproof sheet and its application

The fireproof sheet refers to a new type of sheet with a thickness of 0.2 to 5 mm, which can improve the burning grade and fire endurance of the material to be protected, and is composed of a skeleton material, a binder and a flame retardant. In developed countries, fi

Modern wood processing technology

1 Introduction

Whether it is solid wood furniture or panel furniture, the batch processing process is the first process in the furniture production process, and it is also a very important process, which directly affects the material utilization rate, producti

Geothermal heating bamboo board first

Urban people yearn for nature to be quiet and quiet, eager to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city as nature, but also to show extraordinary taste in the delicate life. Therefore, the bamboo flooring is gradually favored by the people of Jinmen with its ele

How to distinguish the quality of wood board?

Choosing a wood board first depends on the appearance. When purchasing, check whether the appearance is flat and flawless, and the logo is complete. One side of the wood board must be a whole piece of wood, and only one seam is allowed on the other side. The quality of