Hot stamping, pressure bump adjustment

The surface of the electric heating plate should be cleaned before loading, and some marks should be marked on the hot stamping and embossing zinc plate, and a piece of cloth slightly larger than the zinc plate coated with opalescent glue (or leather glue) should

Dalian furniture industry faces reshuffle

As the China Solid Wood Furniture Industry Base recognized by the China National Light Industry Council and the China Furniture Association, the city has always occupied its own place in the furniture industry at home and abroad. However, in recent years, especially this year, due to the sl

Bioplastic screw caps

Plastics made from biological raw materials or having biodegradable properties belong to bioplastics. Bioplastics can improve environmental benefits in many ways.

According to the European Bio-Plastics Group, the gl

Furniture is environmentally worrying

"Buy a three-year-old wardrobe, there is a strong pungent smell when opening the door, and it is not worthwhile to go to the professional department for testing for a set of furniture. Pollution can only be used if it is not polluted." Recently, Ms. Ma told this reporter about her