Industrial paper classification

Paper or paperboard used to make cartons, cartons, paper cups, paper trays, etc., because it needs to be processed again, it is called industrial paper. Common industrial paper such as kraft paperboard, corrugated core paper, coated white paperboard , Gray cardboard, etc.

1. Liner

Precautions for pipette maintenance

Precautions for pipette maintenance

Calibration can be carried out in a 20-25 degree environment by repeating the method of weighing distilled water several times.

Pipettes that have aspirated liquid should not be laid flat. The liquid in the gun head can easily contaminate

Oil-absorbing tissue purchase tips

Generally high-quality oil-absorbing facial tissues, first of all, the strong oil absorption, can absorb the grease on the face in time, but will not lose moisture. Secondly, it can make the skin feel smooth. Its paper quality needs to be soft and comfortable and has sufficient toughness,

Problems and solutions in summer printing

The hot summer is coming, the majority of offset press users are still busy as always, some users may provide customers with satisfactory prints in time, while others may be unsatisfactory for the quality of the prints It's screaming, maybe even swearing; then what's wrong with summ

Application of fetal bovine serum

Application of fetal bovine serum

Fetal bovine serum function
1. Fetal bovine serum
Each quality index meets the requirements of the appendix of the third edition of the "2005 Pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China"
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