How expensive is the toilet seat cover?

In the entire bathroom space, it is the least valued, and the object that is easily overlooked is the toilet lid. Maybe you are using it every day. Have you paid attention to the toilet lid? The purpose of the toilet lid may not be reflected in general. In fact, th

How does Ausman Sanitary Ware official website

As bathroom decoration continues to be valued by people, bathroom brands have also become more and more. In the face of more and more bathroom products, how should we choose and become a problem for us? Have you heard of the Ausman bathroom brand? Next, let's g

Ozone aging damage caused by vulcanized rubber

Ozone aging can cause serious damage to diene vulcanizates containing double bonds in the main chain. In the atmosphere, there is a very small amount of ozone, which is very aggressive to the vulcanized rubber containing double bonds. It causes the molecular chain of the vulcanized rubber