On January 24, 2016, Major League Football (NFL) player Thomas Davis helped his team, the Carolina Panthers, defeat the Arizona Cardinals and won the 50th Super Bowl. The right to the final. But he also paid a heavy price - the right forearm fracture.

On February 7, 2016, the 50th Super Bowl Rugby Tournament will be held at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California, USA. The Carolina Panthers will compete with the Denver Broncos for the Super Bowl, which will be broadcast in more than 170 countries and regions around the world. This game. In such an important game, Davis is obviously not willing to be absent, even though his arm injury has not healed. The doctor has placed a metal plate inside his arm and put 12 screws. In order to protect him from injury in the game, the team also customized a 3D printed arm splint.

3D printing helps Thomas Davis to fight against the Super Bowl

Thomas Davis carries 3D printed arm splints in preparation for the Super Bowl

Responsible for the design and production of this arm splint is the 3D printing company Whiteclouds. The company first performed a 3D scan of Davis's arm and then designed a splint with shock absorption. The splint is made of plastic and rubber. Holes are also placed on top to reduce weight and improve breathability.

It is understood that the engineering process of the entire device took only 8 hours. 3D printing used Stratasys' Connex industrial grade 3D printer , which took a total of 30 hours. After the production was completed, Whiteclouds gave the splint to Davis in the shortest time so that the latter could have enough time to prepare for the weekend's Super Bowl.

3D Elite, which specializes in 3D printing splints and dies for athletes, collaborated with Whiteclouds in this project. “Thomas Davis has become the kind of “biochemical person” we saw in the novel,” Scott Perone of 3D Elite said in a press release: “This personalized 3D splint with Poron XRD lining makes it He is even more indestructible.” The Poron XRD is a soft, flexible material designed to absorb vibration and protect against shocks.

3D printing helps Thomas Davis to fight against the Super Bowl

In fact, in addition to the 3D printing splint, the team also prepared three other conventional splints for Davis to choose from, but Davis chose the former. It is said that he chose the 3D printing splint because of its toughness. According to a statement made by the team on Media Night on Monday, he is "grabbing every opportunity to practice it."

Carolina Panthers coach Ron Rivera is open to Davis's participation in the Super Bowl, although Davis's fracture is healing. "If the doctor says he is 100% ok, I will listen to the doctor," Rivera said. According to Whiteclouds, Davis will be the first NFL player in history to participate in a 3D printing device.

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