In China, glass beer bottles still occupy an absolute market leader position. Although the plastic beer bottle technology has become more and more mature, it is still very rare on the market. The glass beer bottle should be said to have undergone long-term market application and has been perfected in various aspects. However, due to the lack of effective supervision, the bottle bottle explosion phenomenon has been common in newspapers in recent years.

In order to pursue profits, many breweries often fail to implement the B bottle standards for beer bottles. Beer bottle after many years of use, the pressure and other indicators began, once impacted and other external factors, the explosion of the bottle caused unavoidable harm to the human body. At the same time, various beer bottle manufacturers, in order to save resources, will also recycle other brands of beer bottles for cleaning and filling, which makes it difficult to control the quality of beer bottles.

In this regard, we hope that relevant departments will strengthen supervision and control of the production and recycling of beer bottles to ensure the quality of beer bottles.

FY-10E twisted paper handle making machine (hot glue pasting system)

This is a good machine for making twisted Paper Handle. It pastes the twisted Paper Rope and paper strap together and cut off them for separate handles. It is running stably and fast with hot melt glue application. The handle size can be customized according to customers` request and one machine can make several different handle sizes.


 hot glue twisted handle machine



handle length:190mm,152, 114mm

paper strap width:30/40mm

speed:10000 pairs per hour

Paper rope dia: 3-4mm


machine weight:1500kg

machine dimension:4200*1300*1500mm

Hot glue pasting system

the sizes can be customized according to the customers' actual needs.

Twisted Paper Handle Making Machine

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