Brand: Fuerkang

Address: Xiangjiang Home A2-8002, 411 South Jiangnan Avenue, Guangzhou

Product: Dinette 5509

Material: ash, fire stone, imitation leather, high density cotton

Size: dining chair: 520*580*700; dining table: 1600*850*760

The textured stone dining table, the classic ash wood texture, and the chic low waist design of the dining chair, the first impression of the Furcon 5509 dining table is very luxurious and high-profile and unique.

The black firestone has a natural matte texture. The four legs are oriented differently, and the details are unique and the food is all over the place. The design of the dining chair with the waist and the backrest breaks through the design concept of the traditional dining chair, which is simple and fashionable.

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