In the Anhui mobile door and cloakroom industry, Yabaibao sliding door and cloakroom have always been known as “popular lovers” by consumers and the industry. At the end of 2006, I won a series of honors such as “People of the Year”, “Best Marketing Award”, “Reader Satisfaction Home Brand” and “Most Potential Building Materials Brand”. Yabaibao mobile door products are positioned in the mid-range and high-end consumer groups, the products are moderately priced, and the price is relatively high. Hired several designers from Hong Kong and launched dozens of new products every month.

Yabaibao Ruili IKEA sliding door

Ruili IKEA sliding door and cloakroom: As the new luxury brand of the whole home system industry, Ruili IKEA combines high-tech and fashion aesthetics with international standards and vision, and relies on the creative power of the world-class design and development team. The keen grasp of change, professional production and sales of various mobile doors, cloakrooms, solid wood doors and overall home system products, to provide more consumers with "my home, my style" of home-made services.

Yabaibao Ruili IKEA sliding door

“Enjoy life” is the positioning of Ruili IKEA on product creativity and manufacturing. It pays attention to the harmony of technology and art. With more professional and scientific design, it makes full use of space conditions to show the artistic charm of products.

Yabaibao Ruili IKEA cloakroom

The frame of Yabaibao Sliding Door and Ruili IKEA Sliding Door is made of aluminum-magnesium-titanium alloy. Its unique hardness, toughness, high strength, corrosion resistance and easy forming.

Whether the push-pull sliding door can be used for a long time is the quality of the pulley. Push-pull sliding doors usually achieve a height of 2.4 meters or more. If the bearing capacity of the bottom wheel is not enough, it will seriously affect the service life. The salesperson of Yabaibao store told Xiaobian that Yabaibao used a single-wheel bottom wheel with a bearing capacity of 180 kg, while the bottom wheel used by Ruili IKEA was double-track and the load-bearing capacity reached 220 kg.

This machine has washing, filling, capping three functions in one body, total process is automatic, and it is suitable for mineral water, pure water, juice, tea drink and other non-gas containing drink filling. It is made of high quality SUS304 stainless steel. Main components are processed precisely by CNC machine tool. The machine adopts advanced photoelectricity to detect running status. No bottle no filling. it is possible to realize man-machine conversation because of applying touch screen for operation.

Filling Machine

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