Extremesystem's computer software architecture developed by Adobe Corp. is used to process a large number of pages; it supports a wide range of workflows, such as the "postscript" of print jobs. The "Portable File Format (PDF)" workflow and the ongoing web workflow. Extreme system is an open, modular, scalable structure. It can be used to stack blocks in accordance with individual requirements, resulting in a workflow suitable for a production. A polar system with the following features and characteristics:

1. Accept input for "postcode" and "portable file format (PDF)". Use PDF as the main format.

2. There are some devices in the system, such as "Normalizer", which makes all types of input into PDF files.

3. The files in the system can be viewed and modified to facilitate layout work and final modification.

4. Use "JobTicket" mode to control workflow parameters and manufacturing process parameters.

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