Currently, flashlights and headlamps for outdoor sports that are currently available on the market mainly include the following types:

PELICAN Penguin Series Flashlight

MAG magnesium flashlight

Petzl headlight

United States Ainohua - Mai Le LED super bright flashlight

Since the details of these flashlight features can be found on the Internet, I do not have to list them individually.

Just want to talk about the choice of flashlights and headlights in outdoor sports on personal experience

First light source selection:

There are two types of light sources for the flashlight, the heat source filament light source and the cold LED light source (high-brightness light emitting diode).

The advantage of the hot filament light source is that the light source is bright yellow, and can be clearly focused at a certain point in the dark, and the brightness is also very high. For example, the PELICAN series can have a brightness of 10,000 candles or more. (Candelabrightness is the international brightness unit, the general household flashlights, value is 3000-4000) The field uses light, the tent camp lamp is enough for the brightness of 3,000 candlelights, the jungle walks in the nighttime needs 8000, and the caverns require more than 10,000...

The lamp life of the hot filament light source is more than 30 hours (referring to continuous lighting), and it is relatively easy to replace. For example, the MAG series has a special bulb compartment designed at the tail of the flashlight. A new bulb is placed inside the flashlight and can be replaced in case of emergency. !

However, the heat source is more expensive, especially PETZL halogen bulbs, the brightness is high, but the lighting time is several times less than the original ordinary light bulb! !

Cold LED light source is bright white, the biggest advantage is that the lamp life is extremely long, at least longer than human life! !

Even frequent opening and closing will never affect its service life.

And it is very energy-efficient, using two AA batteries, available for more than 150 hours...

However, the LED light source brightness value is not very high, a high-brightness LED is about 5000 candlelight brightness.

Therefore, some headlamps (PETZL's Zipka) and flashlights (INOVA ANOVA) use multiple LED methods to increase brightness.

But this is just a highlight, not lengthened light, so LED lights, even with a very good condenser adjustment, but its illumination distance is only tens of meters!

So LED lights are not very suitable for caving, mainly for close-up lighting! !

Of course, the use of LED lights is very safe, and it won't cause explosions because of sudden lighting. (We don't have many expeditions to go to the oil depot. I'm completely nonsense.)

About power supply:

Alkaline batteries are generally used (the battery is marked with LR, LR03 is No. 7, and LR06 is No. 5 alkaline battery)

There are also batteries used (labeled LION-XX), such as INOVA Enova. This is the best power source and the highest power!

Do not use ordinary acid batteries, there will be liquid corrosion corrosion flashlight!

There are donkeys who choose rechargeable batteries. Although they have now introduced nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries with a capacity of 1800 or more (which are still much worse than alkaline batteries), I do not recommend them because the natural discharge rate of rechargeable batteries is too high. No need to discharge...

A good flashlight has been internally anodized and will not short-circuit leakage, so there is nothing alkaline batteries remain in the torch for a long time!

However, once the flashlight has entered the water (don't trust the waterproof degree that the factory boasts, it means static waterproof), it must be screwed dry, otherwise it will also cause the battery to leak electricity...

Use the battery to remember to take back, pay attention to environmental protection! !

About flashlight material:

MAG and INOVA are all aluminum alloys. There are very few high-grade titanium alloys.

PEILCAN is a resin material that compares corrosion resistance with breakdown resistance.

PETZL is an engineering plastic. Personally think that resin materials are better, lighter in weight, less likely to hang flowers, titanium alloys are better, and of course the price is expensive! The shell is waterproof from high to low (refer to dynamic waterproof, such as twisting the lamp head, falling in the water): INOVA PEILCAN PETZL MAG!

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