The level of China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery is not very different from that of foreign countries. Some of the equipment has been synchronized with the current world new technology progress, but the overall level is still quite different from the foreign advanced level.

At present, China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery has filled the gaps in basic categories and basic technologies, but there is still a gap between the source of funds for product development, test conditions, product stability, automatic control and other international leading levels. In terms of automatic control technology, foreign medical packaging machinery and equipment have basically realized intelligent and humanized design, while China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery is relatively backward in PLC control and interface control. In addition to the use of PLC control technology, it is necessary to make matching choices in materials, design and all relevant links at the same time, in order to achieve intelligent control. At the same time, the stability of China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery is still relatively lacking, which may lead to problems in product quality and affect the entire packaging line.

The superior stability of pharmaceutical packaging machinery is a critical requirement for pharmaceutical manufacturers with large production capacity and a wide range of products, because unstable equipment can easily lead to discontinuation of production and affect production. The factors affecting the stability of pharmaceutical packaging machinery are mainly materials, components and basic transmission devices. First, the low-level configuration of materials and components will seriously affect the stability of the equipment, but some companies in China currently purchase low-grade or even inferior materials and components for cost reasons. Second, the basic transmission on the packaging machine is also one of the factors affecting the stability of the packaging machinery. At present, China's pharmaceutical packaging equipment is mainly based on chain, tug, stalk and other basic transmission devices, which will bring hidden dangers to the stability of the machine, and foreign pharmaceutical packaging machinery basically adopts the servo drive system. It should be said that it is not difficult for companies to choose a servo motor, but companies often consider the potential cost pressure of introducing servo motors. Enterprises have switched from traditional transmission methods to servo motors, which in turn require servo motors for other organizations or equipment. As a result, the cost of control increases with the increase of control precision, which makes many pharmaceutical manufacturers unable to withstand.

Taking the filling machine as an example, the domestic production capacity of the early filling machine is 40 bottles per minute, followed by 60 bottles per minute until the development reaches 120 bottles per minute. The same kind of equipment from abroad reached 300 bottles/min when we achieved a production speed of 60 bottles/min. In China, Hafei Group's products, which are independently developed by the sub-assembly machine, have no difference in output per minute and functions of equipment, but the stability is not outstanding. If the foreign similar type of equipment can achieve stable production at a production rate of 300 bottles / minute, then the domestic similar equipment is generally only stable at 280 bottles / minute.

Taking aluminum-plastic packaging machine as an example, China's domestic aluminum-plastic packaging machine has a large gap compared with foreign countries, reflecting each specific work link. For example, the aluminum-plastic packaging machine produced in China has a deep grain pattern and is uneven. For example, the loading process is a very critical and weak link in all types of packaging machines at home and abroad, but compared with foreign countries, the loading process of medical packaging machines in China is even weaker. In China, there is also a special brushing type aluminum-plastic packaging machine that uses a special feeding process. In terms of the production capacity of the feeding process, taking capsules as an example, the output per minute of domestic equipment is 600, and the tablets are 700 to 800 per minute, while the loading process of foreign aluminum-plastic packaging machines can achieve 2000. Grain/min production speed.

Factors such as the materials used, processing methods and coordination of the institutions directly affect the production speed and operation of the aluminum-plastic packaging machine.

The current global pharmaceutical packaging machinery is moving towards more GMP certification. For pharmaceutical packaging machinery, the direction of deep development is faster, more stable, higher level of automation control, more user-friendly operation, more convenient, more convenient cleaning and so on. How to develop along the depth of GMP certification and the development strategy in the middle requires the Chinese pharmaceutical packaging machinery industry to think deeply.

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