The swollen goldfish-like eyes are probably the last thing you want to see when you get up in the mirror. Looking at the grievances of such eyes all day long, using makeup techniques can keep our eyes in a short time. The inside can cover the edema and reproduce the big eye effect. Today, Xiaobian teaches everyone how to make goldfish eye makeup, not edema.
Goldfish eye makeup eye puffiness makeup tips makeup steps
Godless Goldfish Eye Makeup Tip: If your eyes are more puffy, then you can't use powdery eyeshadow, otherwise it will be counterproductive. The color can be used with deep and unsharp eyeshadow, such as brown, grayish blue.
Goldfish eye makeup steps:
STEP 1: First, apply a dark and dark eye shadow to make a shadow. The range is controlled within half of the eye socket. Brush it with a medium brush to make the background color deep.
STEP 2: To enhance the sense of deepness, use the dark color of the eye shadow, apply it to the position below the eye fold as the deepening, and immediately come out. If you are a single eyelid, the range is narrower, basically 1/3 above the lash root.
STEP 3: The lower eye shadow is also blended with depth and depth. Many eye shadows under MM are so messy that you can't grasp it at all. The secret is that the light color is brushed to the end of the eyelashes near the eye, while the dark color is used to deepen the position in the distance eye. 1/3 of the tail.
STEP 4: The brightening of the eye position is the icing on the cake, the sequins are not big, and the large particles are cheap.
STEP 5: “Goldfish Eye” Do not emphasize the eyeliner when applying makeup. Just use the eyebrow pencil to draw the contours close to the upper and lower eyelashes. The tip is slightly picked up. It should be picked just right, at 3/4 from the end of the eye. I started to pick up the pen. The hooks that are provoked can be slightly thicker and make the eyes more radiant.
STEP 6: After drawing the eyeliner, fill the gap of the eyelashes with the eyeliner again, don't leave it blank!

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