Hong Kong Simei mattress Chengzhao national joining agent, attracting business

Hong Kong Port Simei Mattress is a large mattress manufacturer independently developed, designed, produced and sold. It has an independent mattress sponge chemical raw material production plant, a mattress sponge production plant, and a mattress production workshop.

The company is carefully designed by experienced designers, with excellent craftsmanship and scientific management. Based on the service slogan of "customer first, reputation first, quality first", the company has carried forward the traditional Chinese furniture culture as its responsibility. It has been sold well in many countries and regions and is favored by customers.

The company's aim is to adhere to the people-oriented core, grasp the history and value of traditional culture, and grasp the humanization system as an important feature. Inheriting and carrying forward the traditional Chinese furniture culture as its mission, taking quality as its foundation and developing with credit, constantly excavating the essence of classical furniture cushions in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, with classical artistic national appreciation and modern practicability, fully reflecting the mahogany furniture cushion The classics are. It not only has a strong practical value, but also appreciates the value. It also has a strong collection value. It brings the fine furniture of Rongsheng mahogany furniture cushions and the traditional Chinese culture to thousands of households.

Hong Kong Port Simei Mattress Official Website Address: Shunlong Furniture City A Hall South 3 Doors Opposite Side Contact: Ai Manager Phone Phone

Operating Table

Electric Operating Table Adopt Famous brand JIECHANG electric push rod as the power source for the operation tables. Operation beds adopt medical grade 304# full stainless steel materials; Full set of micro electric control system for ot table with low noise, overload protection, safty reliablity; TheElectric Operating Table entire table of operating table can move forward and backward to realize full position C-arm and X-ray radiography.

Operating Table

Surgical Table

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