In addition to worrying about the family, Yinhui’s wife should consider for herself, pay attention to her skin care, do a good job of skin care , and put a fake on her skin. Then what do you do is the way?

Problem 1, the skin is dull and rough due to oil smoke

The wife of Yinhui has long been eroded by oily smoke, easy to rough and aging, dark yellow and dull, and easy to grow adult acne .

Rescue measures:

1. After the housewife finishes cooking, they need to clean the skin immediately to avoid the pollution of the fumes staying on the face for a long time.

2, at least 1-2 times a week deep exfoliation, and use a clean mask to deepen the skin "cleaning" pores, purify the skin.

3, can consider the use of whitening series of products, prevent facial pigmentation, dull skin, make the skin more transparent.

Recommended daily skin care program: Deep Cleansing - Lotion - Whitening Essence - Moisturizing Eye Cream - Day Cream / Night Cream

Recommended weekly skin care procedures: exfoliation 1 time, whitening hydrating mask 3 times, moisturizing eye mask 3 times.

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