3. The same plate contains a variety of different hardness

We all know that the hardness of corrugated cartons for printing using flexographic plates is usually between 32 and 38 degrees. The larger the coefficient, the higher the hardness, and the better the effect on dots or fine text lines. However, for the field version, it requires a large amount of ink to transfer, and the hardness of the printing plate is low. With a lower printing pressure, a more perfect printing effect can be obtained without causing the phenomenon of white leakage.

In corrugated carton flexo printing, there is often a layout in which there is a large area of ​​the field, and there are dot images of the characters when printed on the carton pattern can not be reduced to 100% of the desired effect in the design draft, through the flexible plate-making Printing presses, although the images are exquisite, but the actual part of the field is often missing white, or a large area of ​​the field part of the printing is very good, but the effect of the characters or images are blurred, then how can we achieve full color part of the field The part that is not leaky and has dot patterns is very clear and detailed?

Since the hardness of each piece of solid-state flexographic plate is fixed, if the dot pattern and the large-area solid part on the same printing plate are encountered at the same time, it cannot be taken into account. Usually, only the sacrificial dot or field printing effect can be selected. Some people also made two printing plates with different hardness to achieve the printing requirements. However, as a result, the cost of platemaking will rise, and if an indivisible pattern is encountered, this method will not be available. Our company can provide you with solutions to these problems in this area.

Shanghai Luheng Printing Technology Co., Ltd.'s liquid plate making technology can produce a wide range of hardness ranging from 30–52 degrees on the same plate, applying the same printing pressure, taking into account the dots, fine words and large Area printing effect in the field. See below.

Dots, fine prints, and large-area field prints

4. Environmental protection

After exposure of the solid plate, the non-exposed parts are dissolved with organic solvents, and the solidified font can be printed on the plate for printing. In general, the solvent for washing plate can only dissolve at most 4% to 6% of the photosensitive polymer, otherwise the solvent developing ability will be weakened. Therefore, one gallon of tetrachloroethylene/butanol solvent can only dissolve 200g of photopolymer. Therefore, this non-biodegradable, environmentally polluted and easily carcinogenic solvent has been used throughout the plate making process. The liquid photosensitive resin plate is flushed with water + neutral detergent, which is biodegradable and harmless to the environment. Wastewater can be discharged into the urban sewerage system.

Based on the above advantages, liquid plates are popular in corrugated box printing in Europe, the United States, Japan, and Australia. Especially in countries that focus on conservation and environmental protection, like Japan, the liquid version of the plate recycling and water solvent washing plate monopolizes the corrugated box printing market. The following figure shows for reference.

Want to avoid the trouble of bar code unreadable after carton printing? Let us conduct more precise high-tech processing on your printing plate so that other people can not achieve the printing effect, let your corrugated box printing shine in the market.

Source: HC Network
(Shanghai Haoheng Printing Technology Co., Ltd.)

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