Everyone loves beauty and wants to have a pretty face. Do you know face -lifting techniques ? It can help you achieve this dream.

1. Contouring a small face

The first step is to learn to make a foundation . In the more prominent T-zone, use a foundation that is brighter than its own skin tone, emphasizing the three-dimensional effect of the facial features. Using a natural foundation close to the skin color on the cheeks can make the cheeks look thinner. In addition, close to the ear and neck, using a deeper repairing cake or powder than the skin color, can reduce the contour of the face, giving the impression of a small face.

2. Through the eyebrows to stretch the outline

Emphasize the eyebrows and lengthen the clear facial contours. The eyebrows are the key to the left and right face lines and the sense of balance. If the eyebrows are drawn too long or too short, the contours of the face will look short and wide. The optimal length of the eyebrows is that the eyebrows do not exceed a 45-degree extension from the nose through the end of the eye to the end of the eyebrow. A three-dimensional eyebrow has the magical effect of lengthening the facial lines, visually making the face look small, and the eyebrows are 3-5 mm outside the eyeball.