Patent Application No.9
Abstract: The utility model relates to a multi-color offset printing device which is mainly used for the color printing of webs. It includes an inking device, a printing plate that can be inked by the inking device, and a blanket cylinder that can contact the printing plate and the substrate to be printed to transfer the ink. The printing plate is disposed on a flat plate and forms a plane. The printing plate is provided with n equally spaced image areas arranged in a row and corresponding to n different colors and can be inked by the corresponding inking device. The straight line distance between two adjacent image areas is equal to the circumference of the blanket cylinder IZmII. A guide transmission device is also provided for contacting the outer circumferential surfaces of the blanket cylinders one by one with the image areas; a blanket stage is also provided downstream of the blanket cylinders for placing in contact with the blanket cylinders. Substrate. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, low requirement to the user, small deviation of the printed image, clear color, low reject rate, greatly reduces the printing cost of the user, and is very suitable for trademark printing and printing.

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