Nilpeter, Denmark, and FFEI, UK signed a development and distribution agreement on August 15, 2007 to develop a new digital printing solution - using four-color UV inkjet technology for labeling And narrow web printing equipment.

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(Newport and FFEI1)

The solution, named Caslon, will debut at the International Label Printing Exhibition in Brussels. The initial product has a print width of 330mm to 420mm, and will then provide a wide range of 508mm to 559mm.

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Caslon is the latest technology based on FFEI's software development, color management and digital imaging. It is an innovative product jointly developed by Nilpeter and FFEI.

Andy Cook, president of FFEI, said: "As a predecessor of Fujifilm's prepress imaging department, we have created a business model that works with leading companies. Nilpeter is our label and narrow secondary rotary printing equipment. The best choice for cooperation. Few other companies have the ability to innovate as long as they are in market changes."

In addition to combining the Nilpeter and FFEI technologies, Caslon also used the latest 1001 printheads from Xaar. This combination will bring a whole new standard for digital printing in terms of efficiency and flexibility. An efficient, on-demand printing quick print product will be born in a wider field.

This development will fully meet the high requirements of the current industrial printing environment. Its thoughtful design requires minimal maintenance and service to save more printing time.

“Our development goal is to provide a solution that will greatly increase the current printing capacity, rather than just providing another printing method and workflow like other competitors.” Lars Eriksen, CEO of Nilpeter Indicated.

Caslon's modular design allows it to integrate not only with Nilpeter's traditional flexo line but also as a stand-alone operating system. In the former way, the speed of Caslond can be matched with traditional printing units, such as 4-color flexo label printers or PMS color digital label printers or both. Moreover, Caslon's output will benefit Nilpeter's online technology and other features such as hot stamping, cold stamping, laminating, embossing, punching and singling.

"Now, more and more customers' business is confined to limited orders and short-term market prospects, which makes labels and packaging printers all looking for an alternative production method. Caslon can be integrated into their original work. The process leads to higher productivity and excellent print quality. We look forward to long-term and enjoyable cooperation with Nilpeter," said Cook.

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