The utility model discloses a powder type and granular packing machine, which is characterized in that the feeding mechanism of the batch-type quick-discharging roller cup includes a main shaft and a feeding mechanism, and further includes a cam, a sheave, a rotating shaft, a bevel gear and a rotor shaft. The feeding mechanism of the feeding mechanism is Intermittent rotation to achieve loading and feeding cup-type structure, spindle, cam, sheave composed of the structure of the sheave, the cam and the spindle fixed, the shaft is fixed under the bearing seat can be rotated, the sheave fixed by the snap ring empty sleeve in the shaft The lower shaft end, in which a bevel gear is fixed on the other end of the shaft by means of a flat key, the rotor shaft is fixed on the supporting shaft by a bearing, a bevel gear is fixed on the rear end of the shaft, the bevel gear on the rotating shaft and the shaft Bevel gear drive connection, roller cup structure is fixed on the other end of the rotor shaft. Due to adoption of the sheave mechanism, the speed and the number of rotations of the rotor cup are directly proportional to the spindle, so that when the machine is operated, the feeding operation is synchronously increased or decreased, and synchronous operation of each operation is ensured.

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