Solid wood has always been the traditional material for manufacturing furniture, but with the reduction of forest resources, wood resources are becoming scarcer, and panel furniture has gradually become the mainstream. With the popularization of the low-carbon concept, more and more people are turning their attention to solid wood furniture. The industry insiders say that whether furniture is environmentally friendly is closely related to paint and materials.

“Family-friendly families have the strictest environmental requirements for furniture.” Industry experts told reporters that with the increasing awareness of environmental protection among citizens, more and more customers are now considering environmental protection as a basis based on their original style and price. Important considerations. In the factories that mainly deal with solid wood furniture, our products are all recycled Canadian maple. “Canada itself is also a country that attaches great importance to low carbon and environmental protection.” The time for wood such as pine, maple and rubber wood is usually As long as 8 to 10 years, many fast-growing forests have achieved large-scale planting and production, and there is no problem of chaotic cutting, so the solid wood furniture made of fast-growing wood is both environmentally friendly and low-carbon.

The price of solid wood furniture is much higher than that of sheet furniture. “The main reason is the manufacturing cost and material cost. The technical requirements of solid wood furniture are very high.” Whether a piece of furniture is environmentally friendly, the materials and paints used are the key, if it is solid wood furniture, The use of pure natural materials, the use of water-free paint without pollution, there will be no problem; and the panel furniture is mainly made of scrap wood, more or less will contain formaldehyde, if the paint is not environmentally friendly, the product is sure It is not environmentally friendly.

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