Many MMs hope that the New Year will have a new atmosphere when they celebrate the Spring Festival. The most intuitive manifestation of the new weather is to produce white and tender skin during the Spring Festival holiday. Now let's teach you the Spring Festival skin care bonus rule, and you will start the Spring Festival skin care!

Cleanser Addition

Cleanser Addition

First, cleansing milk addition method

Everyone knows that the first step in skin care is to clean. It is necessary to thoroughly clean the skin of the day and then do the rest of the skin care work to make the skin care more effective. However, there is always a feeling of tightness after cleaning the skin. What should I do?

Let us take advantage of some props, such as the bubble net. Squeeze the cleanser onto the foaming net, add some water to make the facial cleanser fully foam, then gently massage the light bubbles on the face to completely remove the dirt from the skin while minimizing the irritation of the facial cleanser. When there are many black sputum, in the place of the nose, you can just gently massage with a soft cleansing brush and remove the blackheads from the nose. This way the face can be thoroughly cleaned.

Lotion bonus

Lotion bonus

Second, the lotion add method

Everyone knows that lotion acts as a nourishing agent for the cream and the essence. But just use your hands to apply lotion on your face to make the lotion work the most? In fact, some small methods can make the effect of the lotion show out.

1. Two-hand heating method

Wash your hands first, then poke your hands back and forth to warm your hands. Put the lotion on your palm for about 10 seconds, then press your hands on the face and make the lotion better through the temperature of the palm. Infiltrate into our muscles.

2. Makeup cotton assisted method

Using a cotton pad to gently rub the lotion on the face In addition to letting the lotion penetrate into the skin, the most important thing is to take away the old cuticle on the surface of the skin by the texture of the cotton pad. So don't blindly use a cotton pad to apply lotion. If the stratum corneum is too thin, it will become fragile.

Cream addition method

Cream addition method

Third, the cream addition method

In addition to applying the cream to the surface of the skin, is there any way to make it more effective than this? In fact, there are better ways!

First pour a cup of hot water on the cup, then cover the cup with aluminum film, then put the cream out of the usual amount on the aluminum film, let the water vapor inside the cup heat the cream, then put the warm cream Evenly spread on the face, you will find that the absorption of the cream will be better and the moisturization will be higher. In addition, there is a whitening cream that is not suitable for heating. Everyone should pay attention!

Mask addition method

Mask addition method

Fourth, mask addition method

The mask is one of the most direct and most effective skin care products. But can the mask be more effective?

Usually when applying the mask, apply the mask on the face, then prepare a plastic wrap (cut out the hole for breathing), and then wrap the wrap on the mask and wrap the mask tightly (remember to put Nasal hole to breathe!) Finally, put a hot towel on the plastic wrap, you will find that the face will be brighter after applying the mask!  

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