Bottle technology

Schneider Packaging Equipment of Brewerton, New York, is another outstanding supplier who can contract the entire line design, with products, services, boxing, automatic palletizing and warehousing. Schneider also produces and assembles other accessories such as conveyors, lifts and packaging components, pallet dispensers, sheet dispensers, and reciprocating continuous load working machines.

One of Schneider's main customers is Puerto Rico's plastic bottle manufacturer. They used robotics three years ago and found the most suitable packaging process for bottles.

An executive of the company said: “Our previous production lines required a lot of labor, each product needed, four full-time employees, another product needed another four, the production process needs to manually add a piece of two layers Due to the use of old machines, the sheets often cause the containers to fall, and then the goods are to be reorganized.The new automated machinery will accurately place the sheets in the required position each time, and can operate two different products at the same time, saving many places. Basically, this is an accurate loading equipment that can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with very few people."

The executive reported: "This set of equipment continues to provide a high level of efficiency. Since the reference does not require much maintenance, quality and technology are important factors in the selection of automated machines. The experience gained can also be applied to other packaging departments."

Motoman robots provide high flexibility for palletizing

According to the company's robotic system sales engineer Izzat Hammad, the device can be used with other company accessories and arm-end tools to solve the final palletizing problem. Increasing the payload can achieve reliable and sturdy operation and freedom of movement at the joint. The company also uses robots for pick-and-place, packing, unpacking and other tasks.

Another company with innovative design is Robotic Solutions, a Blue Print automatic equipment group of Colonial Heights. Their visual robots are designed for packaging, production and integration in the consumer goods industry.

Martin Prakken, chief executive of Blue Print, predicts that this industry will have more innovations, efficiency will be higher, and is now going to be three-dimensional, if equipped with a better visual system will mean more efficient production.

Inspection system

As robotics technology continues to advance and apply to various industries, suppliers warn to review the entire production process, and in some cases reorganize the system to cope with each innovation opportunity.

Bill Donohue, president of "Automatic Production Systems Co., Ltd." in New Freedom, said: "Customers must pay attention to the reliability of the system and cannot only pay attention to the reliability of the robot. A successful robot system must consider both the design of the system and the quality of the auxiliary equipment. Reliability includes how upstream components transport and fix materials to robots and how downstream facilities handle finished products."

Robots must always be associated with upstream and downstream programmable controllers (PLCs). Effective programming of the controller can enable the robot to achieve satisfactory efficiency. In automated packaging, systems such as robots, upstream and downstream pick-ups must be properly coordinated.

Smart machine

As described by science fiction, some robots have smart features. North American FANUC Robotics has developed a new generation of M-410iB series of palletizing industrial robots. The series has high performance, user-friendly installation, high speed, precision, and high payload.

In different users, this production line is not just a one-dimensional machine that does some specified work according to the program. It can accept any number of jobs. It knows how to think, and can change its operation with different requirements. If equipped with other equipment, the robot can handle a wide range of sizes, tray patterns and up to 30 payloads per minute.

Almost all vendors emphasize speed. For example, the SIG Doboy in New Richmond promotes a range of packaging machinery, from packaging machines to feeders and handling machinery. The Presto Feed Placer is a delta-type robot that puts the product directly into the box or packaging machine at a rate of 400 pieces per minute. Specially designed pliers can pick up all kinds of objects. This technology can adapt to changing production flow. The company also provides customers with a wide range of technical and maintenance training, which is important for the review of robotics technology.

Admittedly, robotics has brought us many benefits, including faster production speed, more accuracy, higher efficiency, and greater output. Just as the introduction of new technologies has certain risks, such as high implementation costs, training personnel, special adjustments, supplier support, maintenance and change procedures. However, we can be sure that the use of technology will eventually bring benefits, and there should be other benefits. For example, robots replace high-risk jobs and employees have a better working environment.

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