Two Canadian companies signed a strategic contract with the goal of promoting the use and speeding up of the use of stretched polypropylene (OPP) bottles to replace relatively expensive PET bottles. The contract between the Canadian Container Company and BMPS Co., Ltd. states that BMPS will become the global distributor of Canada Container Corporation's second-order reheat-injection-pull-blow molding machine ENVIROCLEAR.

According to Norman Gottrepp, President of Canadian Containers, the raw materials used in the production of OMP bottles for ENVIROCLEAN brand equipment are special grades of random transparent PP copolymer developed over 7 years. After ENVIROCLEAR reheats biaxially oriented PP parisons, , Forming the final product (bottle). Due to the adoption of new technologies to improve the quality and yield of the bottles and reduce the production costs, people are paying attention to OPP bottles. The success of the new technology has helped OPP bottles to be accepted by mainstream users because PP has many advantages over PET.

Bottle grade PET resin density 1.35g/cm3, the current price is about 63 cents / lb, OPP bottles with random transparent PP copolymer density of only 0.910g/cm3, the price is 56 cents / pound, with resin per unit volume Considering weight and resin prices, OPP bottles cost 40% less than PET bottles, but due to the slow molding speed of OPP bottles, offsetting and diluting these advantages, the production capacity of second-order reheated high-speed PET bottles is 50,000 per hour. In general, PP is inferior to PET in transparency and barrier properties.

According to Gotrepp, the advantages of the new technology include the fact that the OPP bottle produced is as transparent as the PET bottle, the volume cost of the processed resin product per unit weight is low, and the OPP bottle can also be hot filled. The second-order reheat-injection-pull-blow moulding machine ENVIROCLEAR has a per-cavity blow rate of up to 900 bottles per hour. The machine can be configured with 2 to 10 cavities and the production rate is still lower than the PET bottle high-speed production line. Due to the ability to produce special shapes and small volume bottles, the production rate has been accepted by users.

The Canadian container company sells its equipment products through BMPS. On the other hand, the company is also one of the few manufacturers in North America to produce OPP bottles. Gotrepp said that after the Canadian Container Corporation confirmed that the OPP bottle had obvious environmental and cost advantages and many excellent properties, it began to prepare OPP bottles 9 years ago. The bottle cap material is also PP, so the OPP bottle can be called "Single polymer" packaging. The company currently uses ordinary parison blow molding OPP bottles for juice drinks and OPP bottles for hot-filled beverages that require high moisture barrier properties. The cost of hot filling OPP bottles is about 35% lower than that of heat resistant PET bottles. (Translated by Tang Weijia)

(Source: "Foreign Plastic")

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