More than a single print. The requirements for the use of paper should be not easy to stretch, and the ink used should not fade easily. Because it is often hung in the hall and exposed to the sun, it is best to protect it with a layer of PP or OPP film after the printing is completed. This will not only enhance the color brightness but also make it difficult to surface. Damage, but also to prevent ultraviolet radiation, reduce the chance of fading.

Its main function is to express the characteristics and advantages of the product. Therefore, it is the most important condition to produce beautiful and attractive. This kind of print must use high-quality paper, beautiful color pictures, exquisite design, careful processing and binding, so that readers like to achieve the effect of publicity.

This is a book that is distributed to the general public. Sometimes there are certain objects. The paper used is mostly coated paper, the printing method is mostly lithographic, the binding method is more saddle stitches, and thick books are used for binding. Production also has time and quality requirements.

Divided into stringed paperback and hardcover books, threading paperbacks for schools, general novels and other books. Hardcover focuses on advanced books and dictionaries. In the production, in order to adapt to its long-term preservation characteristics, it must be long straight for the direction of the trade flow to be more straight.

Often multi-connected, the current use of non-carbon paper is more, you can avoid the use of carbon paper as its main advantage, but the non-carbon paper has the upper paper, medium paper, the next paper, the upper paper for the upper layer, the middle paper for the middle layer, The lower paper is the lower layer. When using, please pay attention to the layer of the paper. When the following paper is placed on the upper layer, there is no replication function.

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