Precautions for using mixed inks

Printing with mixed ink, at least after the last printing unit, a UV lamp is installed in front of the UV coating unit. Depending on the speed of the printing press and the hiding power of the ink, a UV lamp can be added to prevent the ink from drying out completely. A glazing unit is also needed, and a certain number of UV lamps are installed on the back of the printing machine to ensure a certain degree. UV varnish is fully cured at the printing speed.

There are many possibilities for the configuration of the printing press. The most typical is to install a UV lamp before and after the coating machine. Although no lamps are generally required between the printing units, there are also manufacturers who find that there are certain advantages in installing UV lamps between the printing units.

Mixed inks can also be glazed with waterborne coatings. Some printing companies have found that such processes improve the surface gloss of prints. Although the coating effect is not comparable to UV coating, it is better than using water-based coating on ordinary inks.

The use of mixed ink printing, first of all to determine whether the mixed ink is suitable for the printing company's specific printing business; Second is to fully understand the characteristics of the mixed ink in all aspects, it is best to consult the ink factory, coating factory and UV lamp factory. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider whether the ink rollers and blankets of the printing press are satisfactory, and whether consumables such as fountain solution are compatible with the mixed ink. In addition, it is best to use the same manufacturer's products for mixed inks and coatings.

Disadvantages of mixed inks

The biggest deficiency of current mixed inks is that they are more expensive than regular offset inks. However, the use of mixed ink printing can instantly dry, save labor, reduce scrap, and speed up preparation for printing, so the overall cost does not increase. At the same time, it can be shipped immediately after printing, which increases productivity, reduces dusting and related maintenance costs.

Another area of ​​improvement for hybrid inks is that when high-gloss products are printed with multi-colored inks, the technology has not yet reached perfection.

Prospects for the development of mixed inks

The future market potential for mixed inks is staggering. It will be a new direction for ink technology and will create a new future. Future hybrid inks will be developed in several directions: development of high-efficiency UV curing technology for mixed-ink printing; color mixing inks that are inexpensive, have high gloss, and have no deterioration in gloss are also an important development direction.

Source: Zhongyuan Printing Network

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