Avoid design that cannot be printed

I believe everyone is familiar with the word design. So-called designers in society are also common. In the area of ​​packaging design, the requirements of designers are more stringent. First, designers must understand the printing knowledge. Why

Capping machine bottle holder

A capping machine bottle holder includes a bottle holder, a plane bearing, and a fixed shaft. A shaft end cover is fixed on a shaft end of the fixed shaft through a screw, and a stop groove is opened on the shaft end cover. The fixed shaft is provided with a flat

Mobile powder packaging machine

A mobile powder packaging machine includes a feeding port, a vertical feeding device, a sealing box, a bagging mechanism, and a weighing and lifting mechanism. The weighing and lifting mechanism is fixed under the vertical feeding device. The sealing box and the b

Reproduce the code bottle

Patent name: Repeasant Coded Wine Bottle Patent Applicant Hu Yuanming Principal Applicant Address 400061 Danzishi 2306, Nan'an District, Chongqing City Mailbox Inventor Hu Yuanming, Chongqing Jail Application (Patent) No. 200410022357.6 Date of Application 200

Xerox launches online puncher

Xerox's Fusion PunchII puncher, which is linked to GBC, is designed to punch holes in spiral bindings that require flat files. The Fusion PunchII puncher includes an online stacker and adjustable puncher capable of processing mixed paper and has become standar

Screening: two sounds for web printing

For rotary printing, with the use of non-traditional screening techniques, the problem of stacking ink often arises. Mr. John Lind, research director of PIA/GATF, reminded us: “Successful use of the new screening technology will depend on suitable ink, pa

SUBLIMA easily achieves high quality printing

Talking about color management in China's printing industry has been a long time, I can not remember the specific time, but at least it should be born in the desktop era. When using a flatbed scanner to directly scan an original into CMYK, it is actually ap